OYA takes it’s name and inspiration from the African Goddess Oya, the Orisha (Goddess) of the winds and the winds of change.   

Our  vision is to realise an economic highway that traverses geo-political boundaries, designed and driven by women, unlocking significant value (at least $3 Trillion in the next 10 years).  

Propelled by the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement, the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda2063, as strong and passionate proponents for female advancement as well as believers that women can play a much more significant role in Africa’s growth story, our mission is to:

  • change the status quo, by disrupting and finding better, innovative and more impactful ways to ensure women’s participation in business across the continent, 

  • be an enabler and catalyst, constantly innovating solutions that support the advancement of African woman owned and managed businesses supporting them to grow their business and as a consequence and contribute to economic growth

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A technology platform that facilitates (ease, access, cost) doing business within and with Africa: 

  • Connects women to business opportunities, and to each other on the continent

  • Connects women to global business opportunities

  • Connects women to enablers in the ecosystem- financial and non-financial support 

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Womanomics Africa is a registered NPC. It convenes practical conversations with targeted women in business and key stakeholders, to unpack  and facilitate, how women can participate more meaningfully , significantly and effectively in African economies.

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The purpose of the research initiative  is to spearhead the collection and aggregation of data which will provide a first ever holistic view of the contribution of African women owned business to Africa’s GDP in the form of a “State of doing business with African Women Entrepreneurs Report.’

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Access to capital and capital resources.



Oya Advisory Services provide specialist strategy consulting services and programme execution support to organisations. We offer a range of services, tools and expertise to help grow businesses, with a particular interest/focus in growth oriented women owned businesses that have continental expansion aspirations.


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