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What do we do?

 We offer the following suite of services:

In collaboration with eco-system partners we design and execute programmes that support the growth-oriented entrepreneur’s aspiration to conduct business on the continent. Beginning with market opportunity insights and business-readiness assessments, we walk the journey with the enterprise, exposing them to targeted interventions, ensuring that they are ready to operate across borders.

Business Meeting

Strategy Execution Partner (Supporting businesses  to implement their  plans)

Even the most brilliant strategy can fail because it was not executed well. As highly experienced, senior, interim resources we can:

  • Plug an urgent gap in an organization’s  team as a senior leader; 

  • Reinforce an existing project team;

  • Drive change or a transformation project


Leadership Development (Personal and team)

We work with management teams to interrogate the relationships between individuals and the organisation, and use coaching to effectively align personal purpose and organizational requirements. We can help your organisation with personal and team development programmes as well as individual and team coaching


Enterprise Development (Scaling businesses to grow across Africa)

Strategy Coaching (Sparring Partner - Sounding board, Challenger, Guide, Facilitator)

Strategy Consulting (Helping you define your true north and the path to getting there)

Strategy coaching has become one of the most effective ways to solve strategy while building capabilities.  As independent advisors we provide an objective perspective and are not constrained by corporate culture, office politics, personal sensitivities, groupthink etc. 

We don’t do for organisations – instead we ask thought-proving questions, share our knowledge, create alternatives, trigger new ideas, connect the dots and help leaders make sense of knowledge that lies intuitively in their organisations. We help organisations solve some of their most complex and burning issues.

We all know that failing to plan is planning to fail! We work with our clients on short to medium-term projects or assignments to help define compelling business and marketing strategies as well as develop supporting action plans. Engagements can be as brief as a strategy audit or review with recommended direction, through to development of all-encompassing strategies with detailed implementation plans. Projects and interventions are designed to deliver what matters most to the leaders/owners and their businesses.

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