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Oya Advisory Services provide specialist strategy consulting services and programme execution support to organisations. We offer a range of services, tools and expertise to help grow businesses, with a particular interest/focus in growth oriented women owned businesses that have continental expansion aspirations.

We use our wealth of experience to develop and execute business, marketing and communications strategies in different industries and markets. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions. Through a rigorous process and tailored interventions, we can help organisations answer the question, “If you ceased to exist tomorrow, what would the world be missing?” and many other questions, to sharpen their focus and provide clarity in their market approach.



Strategy Coaching (Sparring Partner - Sounding board, Challenger, Guide, Facilitator)

Strategy coaching has become one of most effective ways to solve strategy whilst building capabilities.  As independent advisors we provide an independent perspective and are not constrained by corporate culture, office politics, personal sensitivities, groupthink etc. 

We don’t dofor organisations– instead we ask thought-proving questions, share our knowledge, create alternatives, trigger new ideas, connect the dots and help leaders make sense of knowledge that lies intuitively in their organisations, to help them solve some of their most complex and burning issues. Typically this includes:

  • One on one or team strategy development coaching; 

  • Facilitation of strategy review and development sessions (incorporating research); 

  • Strategy workshops and training - capacity building, creating the proper mindset, and supporting tools 

  • Advisory and counsel to executive teams/boards


Strategy Consulting (Helping you define your true north and the path to getting there)

We all know that failing to plan is planning to fail! 

We work with our clients on short to medium term, projects or assignments to help define compelling business and marketing strategies as well as develop supporting action plans. Engagements can be brief, as a strategy audit or review with recommended direction, through to development of all-encompassing strategies with detailed implementation plans. Projects and interventions are designed to deliver what matters most to the leaders/owners and their businesses. 

We focus primarily on: 

  • Market and business strategy (what choices you need to make and what you need to focus your organisation on to win)

  • Marketing Strategy (segmentation, value proposition, go-to-market, 

  • Brand Strategy (positioning, portfolio strategy, engagement) 

  • Customer experience and management strategies (defining your customer experience and the key elements in your value chain to deliver consistently on it)

  • Communication strategy 


Strategy Execution Partner (Supporting you to implement your plans)

Even the most brilliant strategy can fail because it was not executed well. As highly experienced, senior, interim resources we can help you:

  • Plug an urgent gap in your team as a senior leader; 

  • Reinforce an existing project team;

  • Drive change or a transformation project


Personal and team development

Our team is available to share experiences, expertise and perspectives on a number of topics as keynote speakers, panelists, facilitators and content contributors.


Speaking Engagements (Inspiring. Galvanizing. Stimulating)

Our team is available to share experiences, expertise and perspectives on a number of topics as keynote speakers, panelists, facilitators and content contributors.