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Recalibration Programme


As the impact of the pandemic continues to unfold, with all the unknowns surrounding the virus, what we know for certain is that business rules will have to be rewritten, cost cutting alone will not be enough and neither will simply repackaging what had been done or offered before. 


This 6 week Recalibration Programme helps companies: 

1. Revisit their strategic priorities and redirect efforts towards value-creation differentiation. This includes: 

  • Understanding of how markets have changed (customers, competitors, ecosystem)

  • The relevance of value propositions (products and services to be delivered) in the short term and post COVID19

  •  An initial assessment of whether the business has prospects for expanding on to the rest of the continent;

2. Realign their operating model and reimagine how they are organized to deliver on the value proposition: 

  • Understand exactly where and how the crisis has stretched and broken their existing models

  • Understand where the risks and opportunities lie as a result.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

The programme includes: 

  • 3  “Classroom” sessions – 2 hour online facilitated sessions every 2 weeks comprised of concept sharing, frameworks and tools; 

  • 3 Coaching Sessions -  1 hour one-on-one coaching every 2 weeks, in between online group sessions for individual interrogation and guidance; 


Sometimes all it takes is a willing ear to listen and to ask the right questions.  No long term commitments, ad hoc, in the moment voice of reason, and skilled question asker.  Look no further.  Book a session with experienced executives who are here to listen and to help you discover the right questions that will get you back on track.  

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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